Deputy editor at The Los Angeles Times’ Brand X

In April 2009, I worked on a small team as Deputy Editor to launch Brand X, a lifestyle weekly published within the Los Angeles Times newsroom. Armed with a tagline of “What’s Next?” Deborah Vankin, Alie Ward, Krista Simmons, Richard Metzger and I set out to create a publication that presented next-generation ideas, a publication that stayed ahead of the curve in the worlds of arts, books, new media, nightlife, politics, restaurants, style, technology, transportation and more.

During my time with Brand X until October 2010, I spearheaded the weekly production cycle; wrote, assigned and edited stories on a quick turnaround; acquired corresponding photos; directed special issues, such as Coachella, Gaming and Sex & Dating; and collaborated with the marketing and sales teams on product development.

One of the most interesting aspects of Brand X is that it combined original features with reverse-published content from the Los Angeles Times. In other words, articles and blog posts were repackaged to appeal to a younger, edgier demographic than that of the paper’s core audience. This included editing stories into digestible nuggets, giving articles a pop culture spin, and using provocative art. At times, this also meant writing long features for the main paper and then editing my original article down for Brand X.

To learn more about my work with Brand X, please visit my resume, read selected articles from Brand X and the Los Angeles Times, and scroll down to browse through the Sex & Dating and Coachella issues.

Sex & Dating issue

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Coachella issue

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