Hi, thanks for stopping by. (Yes, you can call me Alex.)

I am a journalist specializing in editorial strategy, storytelling, audience development and project management within the digital and social space.


An editor once wrote in my annual review that no one in our department cared more about readers than I did. It was the ultimate compliment. I am a voracious reader. Good stories are what make my heart beat and I want to create similarly meaningful experiences for other readers, whether it’s guiding them through important news, entertaining them with vivid stories, keeping them up-to-date during live coverage, or inviting them to be part of the conversation. I have been known to be traffic-obsessed — hey, I like to see audience numbers grow! — but I am ultimately motivated by a passion to connect with readers.

In addition to writing and editing across a wide variety of subjects, I have launched and re-launched several publications over the last 15 years while serving in the role of managing editor or deputy editor. I’ve also conceptualized and developed editorial products, project managed enterprise content, taken the lead on live coverage, restructured departments, guided teams, and significantly increased traffic at a number of publications.

I’ve worked at The Los Angeles Times since 2007, as senior digital editor in the Entertainment and Features sections (current); web editor and producer for the Opinion Pages; deputy editor for Brand X, an arts & culture weekly; and managing editor of Metromix, a weekly entertainment tabloid. Prior to The Times, I worked at LA.com and The Weekly Dig and freelanced for such publications as Variety, People and Los Angeles Magazine.

I live in West Hollywood with my husband Aaron and our dog Ace. (Isn’t he the cutest? OK, here’s another photo!) Despite being an L.A. native, I am still smitten with the city’s breathtaking views and am madly in love with bougainvillea season. The never-ending traffic also suits my podcast addiction.

When I’m not working, I’m big into hot yoga and exploring the city’s wellness scene — although I’m not as serious as my friends who are vegan and sugar-free. I’m also a pop culture junkie and can spend days into nights dissecting Beyoncé videos, obsessing over episodes of “Girls” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” binge-watching NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts, watching comedic Snapisodes and going to as many movie screenings as I can make time for — bonus if there’s a Q&A with the filmmakers after. The only thing about me that’s not thoroughly L.A. is how I dress. (And I am OK with that.)   

If you’d like to learn more, here’s my resume and portfolio. Or you can send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

A few kind words from my editors:

“Full of ideas,” “takes charge,” “technologically modern and journalistically grounded,” “extraordinarily hardworking, smart and thoughtful,” “ability to turn every obstacle on its head,” “indefatigable,” “content stimulator,” “focused on what readers want,” “infectious enthusiasm.”