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I head up PR at Super Deluxe, Turner’s disruptive entertainment company dedicated to cultivating diverse auteurs and telling unconventional stories with an irreverent spirit for a new generation of cultural creatives.

The company, which develops characters and story formats across multiple platforms, has been described by The Los Angeles Times as “shaping the future of television.”

The Guardian has called Super Deluxe the “MTV for the digital age” and The Verge has dubbed the company a “viral machine.” Variety agrees, adding that the company is “breaking ground” and the television department is on a “hot streak.” I’m also particularly fond of this Washington Post story that really nails Super Deluxe’s M.O.

What’s especially exciting for me is that I’ve gotten to be part of Super Deluxe from nearly the beginning, getting to set up the in-house PR department, define the brand identity and build awareness around the company by landing thoughtful and enthusiastic stories. I’ve also led promotional campaigns, spearheaded news announcements, been on the ground at film festivals, hosted events, made press mailers, helped executives and creators win awards, and secured thought-leadership opportunities around diversity and innovation.

I joined Super Deluxe as PR Director in November 2016 after a 15-year career as a journalist, almost 10 of which I spent at the Los Angeles Times working in the Entertainment and Opinion sections.

In addition to writing and editing across a wide variety of subjects, I launched and re-launched several publications during my media career, serving in the role of managing editor or deputy editor. I also conceptualized and developed editorial products, project managed enterprise content, took the lead on live coverage, restructured departments, guided teams, and significantly increased readership at a number of publications.

During this time, one of my editors wrote in my annual review that no one in the department cared more about readers than I did. It was the ultimate compliment. I am a voracious reader. Good stories are what make my heart beat. That will always be my North Star.


If you’d like to learn more, here’s my resume. You can also send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


  • Clear communicator with a keen sense for pitching story angles that resonate with press.
  • Keep up with media trends, audience interests and data insights and apply that research to promotional strategies aimed at building brand equity.
  • Manage PR campaigns, media launches and multi-platform projects from concept to completion: establish goals and timelines, figure out logistics, anticipate and solve problems, work directly with departments and facilitate collaboration between teams, and create play-books for all to follow.

A few kind words from my bosses:

“Full of ideas,” “takes charge,” “extraordinarily hardworking, smart and thoughtful,” “ability to turn every obstacle on its head,” “indefatigable,” “ambitious, but also kind,” “technologically modern and journalistically grounded,”  “infectious enthusiasm.”